How we started

The Morning Glory Diner was a dream that Gloria Perreault had as she worked around the Bridgton area lodges and restaurants, hoping to someday have a Diner of her own. As the years went by having saved money from tips she received the Perreault family purchased property on Portland Road, in the fall of 1982. She began to see her dream come to fruition in the spring of 1983. With the help of friends and family, a building was erected and the business known as “The Morning Glory Diner” opened on July 1st, 1983. The Perreault family operated the Diner for 10 years before leasing it several times. In 1996 a couple who previously worked for the Diner purchased the restaurant. They operated the Diner for 11 years, built on an addition and maintained a good following of locals and visitors before deciding to sell it. As the Perreaults were frequent customers of the Diner, an offer to purchase it back was made. And in March of 2007, the Morning Glory Diner was back in the family and continues to be owned and operated by the Perreault family today. You can always count on good food at a reasonable price, a full cup of coffee and a friendly face.

In Dedication to Our Beloved Morning Glory

You had a dream, and followed it through
And now your children have brought it back for you.
The Diner was a place for friends and passersby to eat,
And a place for Law Enforcement to meet.
CMP, the Fire Department too...
They all stopped by...she thought, “they always do”.
Daily Specials, and Home Baked Goods
Even brought hunters from the woods.
Hot Coffee and a personable smile,
Most folks sat and chatted awhile.
Our Morning Glory thrived each and every day,
Just to cook it the customer's way.
Regulars, she knew their names by heart...
They were always a very special part.
Never to turn one away,
Sometimes even if they couldn't pay.
No, she never made big money,
But every day she lived, was a day that was sunny!
So now we are left to carry on her dream and wishes
By serving up her special dishes...
The Meatloaf, Chop Suey and her Apple Pie,
Try a slice and you'll know why
It is important for her family to show
Just what she taught them, just what they know.
With All Our Love,
Your Kids and Their Families.